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Organizational Culture & Change

When it comes to navigating change, members of Chatfield Global LLC have a deep understanding of the many dimensions of change and how change dynamics affect people and organizations. We know what types of support help to achieve change objectives. What's more, we have the in-depth skills in organizational development, communications and training to ensure that your change strategy will have a positive impact on all levels of your organization.

Since our founding in 1994, Chatfield consultants have helped transform dozens of organizations, large and small alike, in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. We can guide you through the change process – from developing an appropriate vision for your organization to creating a strategic framework to sustain long-term gains.

As “outside facilitators,” we have the capabilities and know-how to ...

  • Develop a realistic change management plan to guide your efforts
  • Align business strategies with people, processes and systems to deliver measurable results
  • Weigh the anticipated benefits of a change management plan against identified risks
  • Create metrics to help measure cultural change and progress against goals
  • Develop talking points to announce changes and describe organizational benefits
  • Conduct tailored surveys or focus groups of customers, employees and other key stakeholders to gather change-related input
  • Conduct focused interventions to accelerate change and address change-related issues
Supporting Organizational Change through Communications

Consistent messaging also helps to inform and persuade key organizational stakeholders, encourage desired behavioral change, and address areas of resistance to change initiatives. Effective messaging also helps build acceptance and readiness for new systems and organizational structures, a key factor in the success of major ERP (enterprise resource planning) rollouts.

For your change initiatives to succeed, you need to know how your target audiences are responding to important communications. Chatfield consultants can assess whether your key messages are being interpreted correctly and help you clarify your messages, as needed.