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Tom Square PFP

Tom Corlett

Tom Corlett is a seasoned recruiter with more than two decades of experience, including owning a successful technical staffing agency. Throughout his career, Tom has successfully recruited and filled various positions such as repair technicians, high-level assemblers, machine operators, field service, CNC/tooling, engineering, buyers/procurement, warehouse/logistics, as well as management roles. Tom is a strong communicator with an entrepreneurial mindset, and he has a talent for identifying and attracting high-quality candidates.

Tom's background includes experience in manufacturing, engineering, and logistics, as well as medicine, electronic manufacturing, tooling, maintenance/service/repair, food manufacturing, and power distribution.

Tom holds an associate degree in electronic technology from DeVry University and a bachelor's degree in business management from National Lewis University. When he is not working, Tom enjoys fishing and the outdoors, golfing, spending time with family, and is a passionate sports fan.