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Writing SMART Goals

Goal setting is important for several reasons, as it provides a framework for individuals and organizations to work toward their desired outcomes. Overall, SMART goals provide a framework for setting and achieving objectives that are clear, manageable, and aligned with your vision. The acronym stands for goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Goal setting helps to stay focused, motivated, and accountable on the journey toward success.

We often suggest employees write SMART goals when they first begin at a company and each time a new project is launched. Writing SMART goals: Remember that setting SMART goals is just the first step. Regularly review your progress, adjust your goals as necessary, and celebrate your achievements along the way to stay motivated and focused.

Specific: Are concise. State a clearly observable result. Identify a specific reference point from which to track progress. When goals are specific and well-defined, it's easier to understand exactly what needs to be done.

Measurable: Quantify the expected result (includes number, percentage and frequency). Describe the criteria by which the result will be evaluated. You can determine whether you're on the right track and when you've successfully achieved your goal.

Attainable: Challenging, but within reach of the person doing the work. Have a realistic time frame. Do not present unrealistic barriers to achievement. It is easier to hold yourself accountable for your progress and ensures that others involved in your goals understand their roles and responsibilities.

Relevant: Aligned across the company from individual goals through higher goals and strategies. Integrate the company’s values into the objectives. Ask yourself if it's the right time to pursue this goal and if it contributes to your overall aspirations.

Time-bound: Identify the expected deadline for completion. Identify the frequency or duration of the project. Setting deadlines helps people manage their time effectively and prevents procrastination.

Goal setting is essential because it provides direction, motivation, and structure for growth and achievement. Whether on an individual or organizational level, setting and pursuing goals is an essential practice for success.


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Writing SMART Goals